AFEHCT's Washington Policy Forum
November 20 & 21, 2003
In Conjunction with the WEDI Meeting
At the
Capital Hilton
1001 16th & K St. NW
Washington, DC 20036

Donald Bechtel
Chief Privacy Officer, HDX / Siemens

WASHINGTON DC - HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE (TM) - NOVEMBER 7, 2003: This meeting takes place 35 days after the TCS compliance date. In this "legacy" period, in those 35 days, the HIPAA community will be "test driving" or conducting a "shakedown cruise" of the new HIPAA environment. Software vendors, clearinghouses, providers, payers and other covered entities will have faced real-live questions and issues about "legacy" and implementation.

This meeting will be the first opportunity for vendors and clearinghouses and others in the HIPAA community to come together. Your participation in this meeting creates possibilities for you, your colleagues, and the vendor community as a whole.
  • Find out for yourself, from the speakers AFEHCT has assembled and your fellow attendees, what kinds problems are surfacing in "legacy", in complying with the TCS standards.
  • Find out how others are coping with the problems they are facing.
  • Find out what recommendations are being made for policy "fixes" to the problems that are being encountered.
  • Better yet, you tell us and CMS what the policy fixes ought to be.

The sessions that AFEHCT offers will address

The "Here and Now":
  • Outstanding HIPAA Implementation Issues - An Open Discussion
  • Security Issues
  • Clearinghouse Guidance - An Update on the AFEHCT WEDI-SNIP White Paper
  • (Vendors and Members Only) Closed Door Session, for Industry Vendors (member and non-member) and other AFEHCT members.
This will be an opportunity for attendee vendors to raise issues that they believe need to be addressed. Anything is fair game:
aljksd fHIPAA related
afddsaMedicare related
afddsaMedicaid related
asfddsClinical Issues
adfdfa Legislative issues
afdafd What AFEHCT should be doing to help you:
assdfdsfdsfdsf ff -More meetings
afdsfsafdsfdf ffff -Audio conferences
afdasfdfsfdsff fff -Implementation issues
adfdfsafdsfffff ff -Congressional / HHS issues

The Near Term
  • Putting Standards to Work - Added Value Through Innovation.
  • What's coming from Capital Hill - Current and Future Legislation that will affect the health care IT community
Long Term Future
  • The Future of Healthcare Information Systems - HIPAA and Beyond
Corporate visionaries from three of healthcare's leading clearinghouses and information
management systems will share their predictions and insights on the years ahead.

AFEHCT Planning for 2004
  • What should be the vendor community's advocacy agenda for 2004?
  • What problems should the vendor community be working on with CMS, Medicare and / or Medicaid?
  • Are there problems with HIPAA, Medicare or Medicaid the vendor community should be telling Congress about?
AFEHCT will review their advocacy and other plans with attendees

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations with respect to the agenda or the meeting, please contact Tom Gilligan at or 202 244 6450

If there are others in your firm / company or other colleagues in the industry that you believe might benefit from this program, please share this document with them.

Registration Information

Also Attending WEDI:
AFEHCT Members $425
Non Members $475
Federal State Government $100

AFEHCT only:
AFEHCT Members $475
Non Members $525
Federal State Government $125

Onsite Registration: $575

Register at AFEHCT's !!!new website!!! at

"Special Thank Yous" should go to
  • Marcallee Jackson, Director, Healthcare Solutions, Edifecs and Chair of AFEHCT's Education Committee,
  • Don Bechtel, Chief Privacy Officer, HDX / Siemens and AFEHCT Chair
for their tremendous, talented, and tireless efforts with respect to putting on this upcoming AFEHCT Washington Policy Forum and the Audiocast: "Avoid the HIPAA Train Wreck" held on October 8, 2003

Thanks also to Jim Schuping and Kristin Becker of WEDI for
their substantial and invaluable support in putting on this joint meeting.

Washington Representative: Tom Gilligan, 202-244-6450