Get Paid After the 10/16/2003 Transactions Compliance Date with New Transactions Toolkit

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Will you still get paid after October 16?

HIPAA mandates that all organizations submitting electronic claims comply with the transactions rule as of October 16, 2003. Will your billing system be ready to submit electronic claims-the most important of the transactions revised by HIPAA?

When your organization submits claims, will you know whether the following new data are needed: The patient's country code? Provider taxonomy code? The patient's weight? Dates of similar illness?

Many claims submission software programs do not translate patient data into a format that will satisfy HIPAA. Still others-including some that claim to be HIPAA-compliant-don't even collect the necessary data to satisfy HIPAA.

If you don't satisfy HIPAA, your electronic claims won't get paid. And if you haven't collected all the necessary data, even a clearinghouse can't help you.

Don't be left scrambling to learn about HIPAA transactions after it's too late and payers have already choked off your cash flow to a trickle. Educate yourself today with HIPAA Transactions Made Simple: Achieving the Benefits of EDI. Click here to order your copy today, risk-free, and save 10%. Or, if you'd prefer, call 800/650-6787 and mention Source Code EB22526A.

The new book and companion CD-ROM, HIPAA Transactions Made Simple: Achieving the Benefits of EDI, provide a step-by-step plan to help you adopt the new HIPAA transaction standards. Regardless of the health care setting you work in, HIPAA Transactions Made Simple offers a chapter-by-chapter process for transactions implementation.

HIPAA Transactions Made Simple: Achieving the Benefits of EDI will help you:

  • Understand HIPAA transactions through simple explanations
  • Prioritize transactions adoption for maximum benefit
  • Know payer and vendor concerns associated with the transactions
  • Coordinate your transactions efforts with vendors and payers
  • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of transactions adoption
  • Introduce the X12N architecture for electronic transmission into your process
  • Prepare to convert to and test the HIPAA claims and remittances
  • Plan for future additional transactions
  • Customize the checklists and forms on the included CD-ROM for your facility

Who Should Read This Book?

This resource should be read and used by:

  • Business Office Managers
  • Patient Accounts Managers
  • Information Systems Professionals-particularly Administrators
  • Patient Access/Registration Managers
  • Health Information Managers
  • Privacy Officials
  • HIM Directors
  • Professionals employed by health plans, clearinghouses, and vendors
  • Anyone involved in HIPAA compliance

HIPAA Transactions Made Simple: Achieving the Benefits of EDI is the only resource available that's devoted to helping you comply with the new HIPAA transactions. Order your copy today!

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