MCOL Free! Membership Service is Re-Tooled for a New Kind of Health Care
Contact: Peggy C. Frank, MBA
VP, Public Relations, MCOL

MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- JULY 25, 2003: MCOL, the eight-year-old business-to-business health management and managed care resource company, today announced a major re-tooling of its MCOL Free! Membership service, which provides a series of valuable e-newsletters and a special member only web site at no cost to professionals. To enroll in MCOL Free!, go to

Clive Riddle, MCOL President says, "The new MCOL recognizes the incredible changes to national and global health care delivery, and our members' ongoing needs to stay on top of these changes to maintain a competitive advantage. At today's MCOL, we've made major changes to help position members to stay on top as best they can in this new kind of health care."

Claire Thayer, MCOL Vice President of Research and Development, says, "MCOL has for many years offered our acclaimed paid membership service which delivers an unparalleled level of critical and timely news, articles, publications, data, tools and discounts regarding health management and managed care issues through e-mail delivery services, and a comprehensive paid member web site. Recently, we introduced MCOL Free! a no-cost membership service with a special level of selected e-newsletters and member web site features."

Ms. Thayer says, "After we recently revamped our paid member service to position members for a new kind of health care, we undertook re-tooling our MCOL Free! Membership service as well, to offer a number of key e-newsletters throughout the month and a member web site with daily news, publications, databases and key information with improved navigation and functionality all at no-cost. Free! Members aren't limited to a trial period. They can continue the Free! Membership as long as they'd like, and no payment information is required."

Thayer concludes, "We are very excited about these significant changes, and are very eager for our existing and new Free! members to give the re-tooled service a try."

Detailed information about MCOL paid and Free! Memberships is available at


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