Order Now CD-ROM including Video of All Speakers with Synced PowerPoint Presentations from PharmaCongress Spring 2003: HHS OIG Compliance Guidance for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Key Insights from Regulators and Compliance Experts
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WASHINGTON DC USA - HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE (TM) -- JUNE 11, 2003: The Pharma Congress,, announced today the availability of a CD-ROM which includes video of all speakers plus synced PowerPoint presentations of the recent Pharma Congress Spring 2003: OIG Guidance for the Pharmaceutical Industry - Key Insights from Regulators & Compliance Experts, June 8 - 9, 2003, Washington, DC. The CD-ROM costs only $195 and can be purchased at

  • Featuring a Faculty of 50 National Experts, including the following key-note speakers:
    • Lewis Morris, Esq., Chief Counsel to the Inspector General, DHHS Office of Inspector General
    • Mary E. Riordan, Esq., Senior Counsel, Office of Counsel to the Inspector General, DHHS Office of Inspector General
    • Charles Tetzlaff, Esq., General Counsel, U.S. Sentencing Commission
    • Susan Winkler, Esq., Assistant U.S. Attorney and Deputy Health Care Fraud Chief, Boston, MA

This invaluable resource can be used to train staff regarding the requirements of the new OIG Compliance Guidance for the Pharmaceutical Industry. For only $195.00, view the Pharma Congress video with synced PowerPoint slides on a CD-ROM from your computer. Instantly navigate to the presenter and the exact content you are after.

  • John Bentivoglio, Esq., Partner, Arnold & Porter, Former Special Counsel for Healthcare Fraud & Chief Privacy Officer, US Dept of Justice, Washington DC
  • Patrick Davish, Executive Director, Public Affairs & Policy, Merck & Co, Inc., North Wales PA
  • Hugh M. Donnelly, VP, Audit, Pfizer Inc., New York NY
  • Janice Forsyth, VP & Chief Compliance Officer, Express Scripts, Inc., St. Louis MO
  • Stuart Fullerton, Sr Litigation Counsel, AstraZeneca, Pharmaceuticals, LLP, Wilmington DE
  • Jeff Greenman, Chief Compliance Officer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation, West Haven CT
  • Paul Kalb, MD, JD, Partner, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, Washington DC
  • Bradford W. Kling, Alcon Laboratories, Inc., VP, Corporate Audit, Ft Worth TX
  • Douglas Lankler, Esq., Sr Corporate Counsel, Deputy Corporate Compliance Officer, Pfizer Inc., New York NY
  • Beth Levine, Esq., General Counsel, U.S. Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer Inc., New York NY
  • Ann E. Lewis, Sr Corporate Counsel, Pfizer Inc., New York NY
  • Karen R. Lines, Esq., Associate General Counsel, Genentech Inc, San Francisco CA
  • Lori Queisser, CPA, VP & Chief Compliance Officer, Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis IN
  • Arjun Rajaratnam, Esq., Compliance Officer, Global Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park NC
  • Brenton Saunders, JD, MBA, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Past President, Health Care Compliance Association & Founder & Chair-elect, International Association of Privacy Officers, Washington DC
  • Jeff Stewart, VP, Compliance, Ortho Biotech, a Johnson & Johnson Company, Raritan NJ
  • Janice Toran, VP, Compliance, Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc., Deerfield IL
  • Bert Weinstein, VP & Assistant General Counsel, Merck & Co., Whitehouse Station NJ

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