PRESS RELEASE: HCPro Launches New Association for Accreditation Professionals

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MARBLEHEAD, MA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- OCTOBER 5, 2006: HCPro is proud to launch the exclusive, new networking organization, the Association for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals (AHAP).

If you are a survey coordinator in a healthcare facility, you know that your role has changed considerably over the past several years.

You collect more data than ever before...You train staff daily...And you must have your hospital continuously ready for all types of surveys.

If you're like most accreditation professionals we have heard from, you are in constant need of ready-made ideas and products to help make your job easier. However, up until now, there's been no official association or networking organization for people like you.


AHAP is a connected community of accreditation professionals who share their challenges, knowledge, and experiences with each other.

AHAP offers its members staff training ideas, tips on professional development, and educational information affecting preparation for all types of surveys.

As an AHAP member, you also receive the much-needed (and until now, much neglected) opportunity to network with your accreditation peers through member publications, task forces, and an annual conference.

To become an AHAP member today, please visit, or call HCPro's knowledgeable customer service team at (800) 650-6787 and mention source code EO50361A.


Become an AHAP member of today to enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Annual edition of The JCAHO Survey Coordinator's Handbook, HCPro's bestselling 200+ page guide and CD-ROM to all things survey (a $149 value)
  • Subscription to the AHAPInsider, a quarterly electronic newsletter featuring word-on-the-street accreditation coverage you won't find anywhere else, as well as information on AHAP member news and special events
  • Subscription to our bi-monthly staff training e-zine, AHAP Staff Challenge, your source for survey prep questions and creative training tips
  • Opportunity to participate in accreditation-related task forces and focus groups
  • Discounts to the annual AHAP conference and networking events
  • 20% savings on HCPro's complete line of healthcare accreditation and compliance products at

Not only is AHAP strictly dedicated to meeting your needs in the workplace, but we also understand that your budget is allotted for many other accreditation necessities. That is why charter members are invited to join for the exclusive rate of just $179!

For just $30 more than the cost of The JCAHO Survey Coordinator's Handbook, your membership delivers value above and beyond any one resource alone.


To become a member of AHAP, please call (800) 650-6787 and mention the source code EO50361A.

You may also join online at

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