PRESS RELEASE: Mining Health Risk
Assessments for Richer ROI and Results

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MANASQUAN NJ USA -- DISEASE MANAGEMENT UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- AUGUST 22, 2006: A powerful component of a health plan's disease management toolkit is the Health Risk Assessment (HRA), which evaluates the population's health status and targets actionable programs to address identified risks. Implementing effective HRAs and mining the resulting data is a strategic means of harnessing healthcare costs and promoting consumer awareness.

"Mining Health Risk Assessments for Richer ROI and Results," a special report from the Healthcare Intelligence Network, provides procedures, objectives, predictive capacities, consumer engagement strategies and results of these tactical questionnaires to identify risk before it becomes reality.

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You'll hear from Gregg Lehman, PhD, president and chief executive officer, Gordian Health Solutions; Marlene Sigwalt, RN, MSPH, clinical consultant, Innovation Center, Humana, Inc. and Yan Zhang, research scientist, Humana, Inc. You'll also get case studies on the HRA programs at HealthAtoZ, Blue Shield of California and Aetna.

You'll get details on:
  • Evolutions in the HRA market;
  • Risk stratification in the HRA;
  • Ideas to incent HRA participation;
  • Strategies for engaging physicians in the HRA effort;
  • Case study of HRA implementation;
  • Anatomy of Humana's in-house HRA development effort;
  • Using HRAs to probe productivity;
  • How an incentives program at Blue Shield of California cut claims cost in its first year; and
  • Stratifying your population to identify next year's high-risk population.

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Mining Health Risk Assessments for Richer ROI and Result

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