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January 1, 2006
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2005 Year in Review: Health Affairs' 25 Most-Read Articles

In 2005, Health Affairs' Web readership topped 9 million pageviews. As a year-end review, we list here the 25 most frequently viewed articles from December 21, 2004 to December 20, 2005. The article on medical bankruptcy by David Himmelstein and colleagues of Harvard University tops the list with nearly 70,000 viewings. Each of the top 10 papers were viewed over 20,000 times during the time period.

To celebrate the beginning of Health Affairs twenty-fifth volume year, we are opening access to all 25 papers listed below until January 11, 2006.

Health Affairs subscribers have complete access to the full online journal, including all current content, plus online research tools. See

1. David U. Himmelstein, Elizabeth Warren, Deborah Thorne, and Steffie Woolhandler, Illness And Injury As Contributors To Bankruptcy
Health Affairs 24 (2005): w63-w73 (published online 2 February 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.63).

2. Stephen Heffler, Sheila Smith, Sean Keehan, Christine Borger, U.S. Health Spending Projections For 2004-2014 M. Kent Clemens, and Christopher Truffer Health Affairs 24 (2005): w74-w85 (published online 23 February 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.74).

3. Jerald Winakur, "What Are We Going To Do With Dad?" Health Affairs 24, no. 4 (July/August 2005): 1064-1072.

4. Gerard F. Anderson, Peter S. Hussey, Bianca K. Frogner and Hugh R. Waters, Health Spending In The United States And The Rest Of The Industrialized World Health Affairs, 24, no. 4 (July/Aug 2005): 903-914.

5. Uwe E. Reinhardt, Peter S. Hussey and Gerard F. Anderson, U.S. Health Care Spending In An International Context Health Affairs, 23, no. 3 (May/June 2004): 10-25.

6. Richard Hillestad, James Bigelow, Anthony Bower, Federico Girosi, Robin Meili, Richard Scoville, and Roger Taylor, Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care? Potential Health Benefits, Savings, And Costs Health Affairs 24, no. 5 (September/October 2005): 1103-1117.

7. Cathy Schoen, Robin Osborn, Phuong Trang Huynh, Michelle Doty, Kinga Zapert, Jordon Peugh, Karen Davis, Taking The Pulse Of Health Care Systems: Experiences Of Patients With Health Problems In Six Countries Health Affairs 24 (2005): w509-w525 (published online 3 November 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.509).

8. Jan Walker, Eric Pan, Douglas Johnston, Julia Adler-Milstein, David W. Bates, and Blackford Middleton, The Value Of Health Care Information Exchange And Interoperability Health Affairs 24 (2005): w10-w18 (published online 19 January 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.10).

9. John Holahan and Arunabh Ghosh, Understanding The Recent Growth In Medicaid Spending, 2000-2003 Health Affairs 24 (2005): w52-w62 (published online 26 January 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.52).

10. David M. Eddy, Evidence-Based Medicine: A Unified Approach Health Affairs 24, no. 1 (January/February 2005): 9-17.

11. Bradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg, John P. Cookson, Tracking Health Care Costs: Declining Growth Trend Pauses In 2004 Health Affairs 24 (2005): w286-295 (published online 21 June 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.286).

12. Todd Gilmer, Lawrence J. Schneiderman, Holly Teetzel, Jeffrey Blustein, Kathleen Briggs, Felicia Cohn, Ronald Cranford, Daniel Dugan, Glen Komatsu and Ernlé Young, The Costs Of Nonbeneficial Treatment In The Intensive Care Setting Health Affairs 24, no. 4 (July/Aug 2005): 961-971.

13. Ann E. Rogers, Wei-Ting Hwang, Linda D. Scott, Linda H. Aiken, David F. Dinges, The Working Hours of Hospital Staff Nurses and Patient Safety Health Affairs 23, no. 4 (July/August 2004): 202-212.

14. Cynthia Smith, Cathy Cowan, Art Sensenig, Aaron Catlin and the Health Accounts Team, Health Spending Growth Slows In 2003 Health Affairs 24, no. 1 (January/February 2005): 185-194.

15. Anne-Marie J. Audet, Michelle M. Doty, Jamil Shamasdin, and Stephen C. Schoenbaum, Measure, Learn, And Improve: Physicians' Involvement In Quality Improvement Health Affairs 24, no. 3 (May/June 2005): 843-853.

16. Kenneth E. Thorpe, Curtis S. Florence, David H. Howard, Peter Joski, The Rising Prevalence Of Treated Disease: Effects On Private Health Insurance Spending Health Affairs 24 (2005): w317-325 (published online 27June 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.317).

17. Joseph R. Betancourt, Alexander R. Green, J. Emilio Carrillo, and Elyse R. Park, Cultural Competence And Health Care Disparities: Key Perspectives And Trends Health Affairs 24, no. 2 (March/April 2005): 499-505.

18. Robert Galvin, 'A Deficiency Of Will And Ambition': A Conversation With Donald Berwick Health Affairs 24 (2005): w1-w9 (published online 12 January 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.1).

19. Victor R. Fuchs and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Health Care Reform: Why? What? When? Health Affairs 24, no. 6 (November/December 2005): 1399-1414.

20. Dana Gelb Safran, Patricia Neuman, Cathy Schoen, Michelle S. Kitchman, Ira B. Wilson, Barbara Cooper, Angela Li, Hong Chang, and William H. Rogers, Prescription Drug Coverage And Seniors: Findings From A 2003 National Survey Health Affairs 24 (2005): w152-w166 (published online 19 April 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.152).

21. Barbara L. Brush, Julie Sochalski, and Anne M. Berger, Imported Care: Recruiting Foreign Nurses To U.S. Health Care Facilities Health Affairs 23, no. 3 (May/June 2004): 78-87.

22. Kenneth E. Thorpe, The Medical Malpractice 'Crisis': Recent Trends And The Impact Of State Tort Reforms Health Affairs 23 (2004): w20-w30 (published online 21 January 2004; 10.1377/hlthaff.w4.20).

23. Cathy Schoen, Robin Osborn, Phuong Trang Huynh, Michelle Doty, Karen Davis, Kinga Zapert, and Jordan Peugh, Primary Care And Health System Performance: Adults' Experiences In Five Countries Health Affairs 23 (2004): w487-w503 (published online 28 October 2004; 10.1377/hlthaff.w4.487).

24. A.C. Enthoven and L.A. Tollen, Competition In Health Care: It Takes Systems To Pursue Quality And Efficiency Health Affairs, 24 (2005): w420-w433 (published online 7 September 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.420).

25. Jeanne M. Lambrew, John D. Podesta, and Teresa L. Shaw, Change In Challenging Times: A Plan For Extending And Improving Health Coverage Health Affairs 24 (2005): w119-w132 (published online 23 March 2005; 10.1377/hlthaff.w5.119).


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