Press Release: Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Growth, Strategies, Details, and Mixed Opinions

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MANASQUAN, NJ, USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- SEPTEMBER 21, 2006: Consumer-Driven Health Plans (CDHPs) are growing at an explosive rate, especially with the recent initiatives by the federal government. When first launched in 2003, only two companies offered CDHPs: Diversity Health and Lumenos. But by 2006, every major health plan has a CDHP product.

CDHPs developed in an environment of out-of-control healthcare costs. Healthcare spending has reached nearly $2 trillion annually in the United States, which has the most expensive healthcare system in the industrialized world. From 2000 to 2005 healthcare insurance premiums increased 73 percent, far greater than the rate of inflation and the rate of wage increases.

"Consumer-Driven Healthcare: The Growth, Strategies, and Mixed Opinions" has been produced by the Managed Care Information Center editorial team to show you what is driving this explosive health plan trend.

"Consumer-Driven Healthcare:
The Growth, Strategies, and Mixed Opinions"

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Is the Future of Healthcare with Consumer-Driven Health Plans?

There is enough information available to indicate that CDHPs have a long road to travel in the marketplace. Is this the preeminent solution to escalating healthcare costs? Or are there too many obstacles to getting employer and consumer to buy-in? Is there more needed to reduce healthcare costs than consumer-driven healthcare?

Central to any consumer-driven health plan is the consumer and the principle that if the consumer is aware of the true costs of healthcare, he or she would make wiser decisions when purchasing the services. This selectivity by consumers would effectively drive healthcare costs down. Providers would have to compete against each other and market forces would take hold.

Although some politicians and insurance plans believe that the future of healthcare is with consumer-driven health plans, the many employers and general public are not convinced.

There are definite problems associated with CDHPs. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, individuals with CDHPs and other high deductible plans were significantly more likely to avoid, skip, or delay healthcare because of costs than were those with comprehensive plans. About one third of individuals in CDHPs, 35 percent, and HDHPs, 31 percent, reported delaying or avoiding care, compared with 17 percent of those in comprehensive health plans.

"Consumer-Driven Healthcare: The Growth, Strategies, and Mixed Opinions" contains insider-information developed by our team in connection with reporting on the subject for The Executive Report on Managed Care and from briefings by leading consultants, agencies, and industry studies.

In this 40-page report, you'll get:
  • Details on surveys conducted by leading healthcare organizations such as:
    • The Managed Care Information Center
    • Buck Consultants
    • Hewitt Associates
    • Mercer Health & Benefits LLC
    • America's Health-Insurance Plans
    • American Hospital Association
  • The leading success factors in consumer-driven healthcare
  • Employers' integrated strategies to combat rising healthcare costs
  • Concrete results of CDHPs so far. Were healthcare costs reduced and if so, by what level?
  • Employee satisfaction with the CDHPs versus traditional plans
  • The mixed opinions on CDHPs: The growth, initiatives and roadblocks
  • The growth of HSAs and HRA: The winners and losers

"Consumer-Driven Healthcare: The Growth, Strategies, and Mixed Opinions" will bring you up to speed with this hot healthcare trend and the issues surrounding it. Order by October 13, 2006 and save $30.


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