2006 Managed Care Training CD-ROMs, Pharmaceutical Edition Also Available
Popular Managed care training software products for busy professionals involved with managed care at all levels!!
Now in it's 8th Edition!!! Separate Pharmaceutical Edition also available!

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MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- JULY 21, 2006: MCOL, the premiere business-to-business health management and managed care resource company, announces the 2006 release of the popular e-learning applications: version 8.0 of the Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM and the 2006 version of the Managed Care Training Kit Pharmaceutical Edition CD-ROM.

MCOL's popular Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM is a must-have training resource for any individual or organization wanting to elevate their understanding of managed care principles and trends. Now in it's 8th edition, this well researched and unique training software tool is designed to raise the managed care IQ for staff at any level in any organization!! Basic as well as more advanced topics are covered in separate modules.

The Managed Care Training Kit CD-ROM Pharmaceutical Edition is a comprehensive, interactive training tool designed to help professionals in the pharma industry progress toward being fully market-ready when dealing with and understanding managed care in today's complex pharmaceutical environment.

  • Welcome Video Clip: A short streaming video clip providing an overview of the Training Manual
  • Intro to Managed Care Training Manual with 14 Chapters and optional interactive quizzes. The Manual covers 159 pages in Executive-style bullet sentence format, plus the optional interactive quizzes at the end of each of the first twelve chapters.
  • Advanced Topics Seminar with 56 selected white papers covering 209 pages of detailed narrative, divided into nine sections by subject matter.
  • Managed Care Fact Sheets with eight key slides providing statistical snapshots and graphs on the state of the managed care industry
  • DataMaps covering 11 different topics illustrating applicable data by state
  • TimeLines with four pages of Managed Care History in chronological order
  • Where to Get More Information with links to key web sites that can provide additional information and resources on selected subjects
  • Help Section with Adobe Acrobat support, technical support, contact information and additional tips on using the Intro to Managed Care Training Manual
  • Optional Instructor's Kit: The Instructor's Kit has been designed as an Optional Resource for Trainers www.mcareol.com/mcolfree/mcolfre1/tminstructor.htm
  • Managed Care Training Manual Version 8.0 CD-ROM: see detail above
  • Managed Care e-Dictionary Rx Version: A dictionary of 200 managed care and pharmaceutical industry terms and concepts. Click here to review the terms defined in the dictionary
  • Trends in Pharmaceutical Managed Care: A statistical summary of twenty six cost, benefit, utilization, generics, and PBM trends affecting the pharmaceutical managed care marketplace, with specific data and sources identified for each trend.
  • Strategies for Pharmaceutical Managed Care: A discussion of specific strategies pharmaceutical representatives can use to achieve their objectives in the managed care marketplace. Topics covered include: Objectives and Prioritizing; Market Information; Where to Obtain Market Information; Avoiding and Overcoming Assumptions; Getting Added to a Formulary; Finding Gaps in a Plan's Formulary Teeth; Making Your Case to the Physician; and a Suggested Strategy Summary Table.
  • Managing Prescription Costs: View 6 presentations from the Prescription Drug Issues track in the most recent Managing Health care Costs Web Summit
  • Support Information: Technical information on using and installing the Managed Care Training Kit Pharmaceutical Edition
  • Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM Price: $79.00.
  • Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM Pharmaceutical Edition Price: $89.00
  • Site License Discount for Purchase of Multiple Copies: Call MCOL for Site License Discount rates
  • Optional Instructor's Kit: Call MCOL for Pricing.

MCOL's easy site license pricing structure allows companies to offer MCOL's training software to entire locations, or departments within the organization for a small fraction of the price of individual CD-ROMs. With a corporate site license, you can receive individual CD-ROMs to send to all individuals covered under your license, or receive a single CD-ROM to place on your company intranet for all individuals covered under your site license to access. You choose format that works best for your organization! For more information, please contact MCOL at 209.577.4888.

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