Two Separate Live Audio Conference Events
You Won't Want to Miss in October!

Health Plan Performance Benchmarking (Wednesday, October 11th)
Consumer Driven Health Premiums (Thursday, October 12th)

Contact: Patty Jamison
Healthcare Web Summit Office
Phone: (209) 577-4888

MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- OCTOBER 6, 2006: MCOL and the Healthcare Web Summit have announced the following two new audio conference events:

Performance Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage, an Audio Conference Event on Wednesday, October 11th at 1:00pm Eastern with Douglas Sherlock, CFA, President, Sherlock Company.

Performance benchmarking is crucial in determining whether a health plan is operating at best practice, and focusing scarce managerial resources on departments or functions displaying the greatest opportunity for improvement. Regular measurement against reliable benchmarks is especially important in the current industry environment, characterized by rapid changes in the needs of customers, and rapid evolution of health plan products. Accordingly, those health plans engaging in performance benchmarking have posted sharp declines in the rate of growth of administrative costs.

This session will discuss how performance benchmarks are developed, supported, presented and employed to yield the highest return on your investment. This session will highlight the importance of consistency of reporting to achieve comparability, the maintenance of safeguards for the integrity and objectivity of the process, and techniques for the successful use of the resulting metrics.

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Consumer Directed Health (CDH) Premiums: Are They The New Benchmark?, an Audio Conference Event on Thursday, October 12 at 1:00pm Eastern with Bill Boyles, Editor & Publisher of Consumer Driven Market Report and Health Market Survey

Employers are strongly pushing CDH accounts for one main reason: to lower their premium trend. Insurers are rushing into CDH accounts to drive their premiums lower. But this ultra-low premium trend must keep slowing -- to almost zero -- to avoid a worsening crisis in "affordability" such as average $20,000 family premiums. That leaves a big question: Will HSAs and HRAs be good enough to impact the cost of health insurance across the entire U.S. market? And will these new ultra-low CDH premiums be the new benchmark for the old products?

This session will bring you up to speed on the latest research data on CDH premiums and costs, then put it into perspective:

  • How HSA and HRA premiums actually work, and how to compare them
  • The latest results on CDH premiums versus existing products
  • Five ways in which CDH accounts will indirectly lower systemwide costs
  • The 'perfect model' for leveraging CDH to slow health plan premium trend

All registered attendees will receive a complimentary reprint copy of the Health Market Survey Mid-Year Financial Outlook 2006 which contains a groundbreaking new analysis of the impact of CDH on health plans, including specific predictions for health premiums over the next 5 years.

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  • The prices below apply to either of these two separate events
  • Individual Registration: $195. Covers a single phone line. Multiple persons may listen via speaker phone for the individual fee.
  • Web Summit CD-ROM: $20 for attendees (includes session presentation and live audio conference recording)
  • Web Summit CD-ROM: $225 for non-attendees after the event (includes session presentation and live audio conference recording)
  • Each individual receives a unique dial-in ID
  • Corporate Group Pricing is available when registrations are desired for more than one phone line. Call 209.577.4888 for details.

Two business days prior to the event, registrants will receive a copy of the dial-in instructions and a link to the speaker presentation. The dial-in instructions will include a unique dial-in ID Participant code that can only be used for a single phone line and not shared. Session participants will also have an opportunity to email speaker questions in advance of the live session.

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