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ATLANTA GA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICETM -- JULY 25, 2006: "Land grab." That's how a top executive with a leading disease management company recently described what DM and provider organizations are gearing up for as the ongoing Medicare-sponsored disease management demonstration projects - designed to test DM concepts with the Medicare FFS population - begin to document their results.

It is just a matter of time now until 15 million Medicare recipients become fair game for DM providers, and your competitors are racing to stake their claim in this massive new market.

Your organization must begin preparing NOW to make sure you get your share of this massive marketplace, and to make sure you are ready for the many clinical, operational, regulatory, and business challenges you are sure to face.

That's why National Health Information is offering a free trial to our newest newsletter, Medicare Disease Management, the first and only publication devoted to helping you successfully navigate this uncharted territory. Each monthly issue is filled with detailed clinical guidance, success strategies and case studies, business models, contracting opportunities, compliance advice, proven program management initiatives, and much more! Our veteran team of journalists and DM experts gives you a key competitive edge in the battle for market share -- and in the struggle for positive outcomes and ROI in the senior population.

We are offering our customers a $50 discount and a three-issue free trial subscription. To request a free trial, order online at or call 800-597-6300. Please mention offer "MDMED6."