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WASHINGTON DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE(TM) -- OCTOBER 25, 2006: A special 3-track program is featured at Consumer Health World, which includes the Consumer Direct Access to Health & Retailization Conference (CDAHRC), Marketing to the New Healthcare Consumer Conference (MTNHCC) and the Boomers Business Conference. These conferences are focused on marketing, selling and point of delivery strategies for doing business with the new healthcare consumer.

Don't miss the following feature presentation on Tuesday, December 12th:

    Marketing Lessons Learned Outside of Healthcare: Connecting to the Consumer Raymond Nadeau, Founder, Living Brands, Living Media

Wednesday, December 13th:

    The Role of Infomediaries and On-Line Communities

As Consumers increasingly go online to seek out specific health information for their families and friends, the competition to capture the online consumer is heating up. Find out firsthand what online search engines, health websites and health communities are doing to capture these online consumers.

Speakers in this panel include:

  • Jack Barrette, Category Development Officer, Yahoo!
  • Nan-Kirsten Forte, Executive Vice President, Consumer Services, WebMD
  • Scott Shapiro, Vice President of Corporate Communications & Marketing, HealthGrades
  • Matt Koll, Managing Director, Community Health Information, Revolution Health Group
  • Bill Allman, General Manager and Chief Content/Creative Officer, The HealthCentral Network
  • Moderator: Mike Smith, Michael Smith Business Development

At The Consumer Direct Access to Health & Retailization Conference (CDAHRC) multiple points of view will be presented about who is best suited to provide the point of care at Convenient Care clinics and what the scope of practice should be. New areas of in-home care and direct-to-consumer diagnostics and products will be evaluated. Leading healthcare stakeholders and delegates will discuss how innovators are responding to consumer demands for convenient and low-cost care that facilitates and enhances consumer/patient access to health while maintaining quality.


Tuesday, December 12th:
    Retail = Patient Care, Generating New Revenues Through Healthcare Retail
    • Mindy Thompson-Banko, Simply Retail; David Knutson, Park Nicollet
    • Moderator: Wendy Borow-Johnson, Track Chair

    Conference Presentation/Workshops
    • Mobile Technology: Changing the Focus of Healthcare from Reactive Care to Intervention Care and the Financial Benefits to Society and Patients
    • Tom Precht, Honeywell HomMed

    Convenient Care: Retailers Providing Healthcare Services
    • Hal Rosenbluth, Convenient Care Association and Take Care Health Systems; Web Golinkin, RediClinics; Mark Goodman, Sam's Club; Mike Marolt, Eq-Life/Best Buy; Joseph Calomo, Walgreens Health Systems; Moderator: Wendy Borow-Johnson, Track Chair

    Convenient Care: Who is The Primary Healthcare Provider?
    • Ken Miller, Phd, American College of Nurse Practitioners; Rebecca Patchin, MD, AMA; Larry Fields, MD, American Academy of Family Physicians; Michael Gorton, TelaDoc; Michael Howe, Minute Clinic; Bob Forster, MD, Little Clinic; Moderator: Wendy Borow-Johnson, Track Chair
Wednesday, December 13th:
    Consumers As Partners In Healthcare Decision Making?
    • Nancy Nielsen, MD, PhD, American Medical Association; David Gratzer, MD, Manhattan Institute; Randall Gebhardt, Quantum Health; Peter Lurie, MD, MPH, Public Citizen Health Research Group; Paul Antony, MD, PhRMA (invited); Sandra Gadson, MD, National Medical Association
    • Moderator: Michael Magee, MD, Health Politics

    Creating New Opportunities In Consumer Health
    • Mary Furlong, Ed.D, President, Mary Furlong & Associates, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University; Simmi Singh, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development, Revolution Health Group

    New and Radical Approaches to Marketing For Pharma to Consider
    • Paul Buta, Optas; Craig Stephens, R.Ph., MBA, Prairie Stone Pharmacies
    • Moderator: Jim Robbins, Apothecard

    Power of the Purse Strings: How to Score with the American Household's Chief Health Care Decision-Maker
    • Nicholas Kim, GyneConcepts; Jack Barrette, Yahoo!; Kelley Connors, KC Healthcare Communications, LLC; John Haugen, General Mills (invited); Ken Rabinoff-Goldman, Buxton Services
    • Moderator: Pam Yoder, MD, PhD, FACOG University of Illinois

    Understanding Unique Attributes of Minorities
    • Dirk Schroeder, ScD, MPH, DrTango; Janet Taylor, MD, President Mind Projects, Psychiatrist, Harlem Hospital, Columbia University; Toney Means, Intrepid HealthCare Group & My Healthy Access

    Understanding the Consumer and Building a Great Brand in Healthcare - A Case Study Robert Shulman, Markitecture

    The Baby Boom Generation and Their Health: The Largest Study Ever Conducted on the 42+ Population
    • Mike Irwin, Focalyst
    • Moderator: Mary Furlong, EdD, Track Chair

    Boomers Take Control of Their Health: Self Monitoring and Technology
    • Howard Coleman, Genelex Corporation; Tom Blackadar, FitSense Technology; Phil Claxton, Life Clinic International
    • Moderator: Mary Furlong, EdD, Track Chair

    Developing Optimal Marketing Strategies for Baby Boomers
    • Sandra Timmerman, MetLife Mature Market Institute (invited); Steve French, The Natural Marketing Institute; Linda Fisher, PhD, AARP; Chris Pederson, The Caregiver's Home Companion
    • Moderator: Mary Furlong, EdD, Track Chair


Consumer Health World, in conjunction with the Medical Blog Network, is also host to a special workshop on Healthcare Blogging on Monday, December 11th:

    Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006 - The New Rules of Marketing

    Opening Remarks
    • Chair: Dmitriy Kruglyak, Publisher, The Medical Blog Network

    Keynote: The Blogging Revolution: Why Healthcare Will Be Transformed and How Other Industries Show the Way
    • Steve Rubel, Senior Vice President, Edelman, Publisher, Micro Persuasion

    Healthcare Blogging - Facts & Issues
    Understanding Size, Influence and Rules of the Healthcare Blogosphere
    • Mike Smith, Michael Smith Business Development; Fard Johnmar, Envisioning Solutions; John Mack, VirSci Corporation; Michael Cannon, Cato Institute; Moderator: Dmitriy Kruglyak, The Medical Blog Network

    Healthcare Blogging - People & Case Studies Discussing The Value of The New Media with Blogging Healthcare Leaders
    • Frank Hone, Ogilvy Healthworld; Patricia Goldman, March of Dimes; Nicholas Jacobs, Windber Medical Center & Research Institute; Richard Petty, MD, Promedica Research Center
    • Keynote Presenter: Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH, National Center for Health Marketing, CDC
    • Moderator: Carol Kirshner, Promedica Research Center

    Healthcare Blogging - Strategy & Tactics Mapping Out Your Game Plan:The Nuts-and-Bolts of Getting Started
    • Enoch Choi, MD, Palo Alto Medical Foundation; Shahid Shah, Netspective Communications; Craig Lefebvre, PhD, Lefebvre Consulting Group; Elisa Camahort, BlogHer
    • Moderator: Toby Bloomberg, Bloomberg Marketing

    Closing Remarks
    • Dmitriy Kruglyak

  • How Consumers Can Cope in a Consumer-Driven World
  • Consumer-Centric Medicaid
  • The New Healthy Living Consumer - Looking "Outside the Traditional Health Care Box" for Health & Wellness Solutions
  • Small to Mid-Size Employer Workshops
  • CDHP/HSAs Workshops
  • Legal and Compliance "Hot Button" Issues for HSAs, HRAs and Health Benefit Cards
  • How Brokers/Agents Can Effectively Navigate the CDHC Waters
  • ActiveHealth Management Story
  • Fiserv Health Luncheon Session
  • Addressing the Healthcare Crisis - The Worksite Solution
  • Banking Strategies in a Consumer-Driven Market
  • The Medical Wellness Summit 2006
  • The Venture Forum at Consumer Health World

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Consumer Health World 2006 is the one business-to-business-to-consumer healthcare conference where all stakeholder communities come together to collaborate and facilitate an integration of solutions. Host to the following six concurrent, national conferences targeting key business audiences, Consumer Health World is the event that is truly connecting healthcare stakeholders.

Consumer Directed Health Care Conference (CDHCC)
National Health, Wellness, Prevention & Fitness Congress (NHWPC)
The Consumer and Patient Enabling Technologies Conference (TCAPET)
The Boomer Business Conference (BOOMERS)
Marketing to the New Healthcare Consumer Conference (MTNHCC)
The Consumer Direct Access to Healthcare & Retailization (CADHRC)

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