Press Release: Upcoming Webinar: Acting on the $528 Billion Opportunity
May 14 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT

Contact: Sandy Mau
Get the Medications Right Institute
Phone: (703) 394-5395

VIENNA, VA USA -- PHARMA UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- MAY 8, 2019: What's the difference between comprehensive medication management (CMM) and medication therapy management (MTM)? What are the implications for pharmacists' education and training? How are physicians, pharmacists and teams working in collaborative practice to provide CMM-level services?

Learn from the co-authors of the ground breaking study, Cost of Prescription Drug–Related Morbidity and Mortality by Jonathan H. Watanabe, PharmD, MS, PhD, Terry McInnis , MD, MPH, FACOEM and Jan D. Hirsch , PhD.

Acting on the $528B Opportunity:
Training to Advance Comprehensive Medication Management in Practice

May 14, 2019 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT
Comprehensive medication management (CMM) is recommended as a solution to the problem of non-optimized medication use. This systematic approach to medications is a means to significantly improve clinical outcomes and reduce overall health care costs for high-risk patients. This webinar will delve into the need for CMM and implications for pharmacy education and training, as well as how CMM is integrated into team-based care models.

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The recording will be available May 8 here.

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The $528 Billion Opportunity

Employers, health plans and consumers have made the rising cost of medications a priority. But when medications aren’t appropriate, effective and safe, the human and dollar costs mount even higher. Research published in 2018 demonstrates the morbidity and mortality related to non-optimized medication use totals $528 billion a year. In this webinar, hear two of that study's co-authors explore the direct costs adding up to a $528 billion opportunity to reduce overall costs of care and why the authors believe comprehensive medication management integration offers a viable, cost-effective, scalable solution.


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