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VIENNA, VA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- NOVEMBER 11, 2019: The arrival of Fall signifies the time of year when we finalize our philanthropic priorities. Please keep the 501c3 GTMRx Foundation in mind as you determine your contributions for the remainder of 2019!

Your support will help the Institute fund very important, and costly, activities. As you know, we educate our members and other stakeholders about the inefficient, dangerous and sometimes ineffective trial and error system of medication management and how it results in over 275,000 lives lost per year1, ultimately costing $528B per year for non-optimized medication use.

Since we believe that action changes things, we are also quickly moving forward to overcome barriers to ensure that all American's have access to comprehensive medication management -- when they need it. We educate and inform those who pay for, deliver and receive care through our GTMRx Learning Network monthly webinars with issue briefs. And our weekly news briefs provide important updates to over 30,000 nationwide.

In addition, our leadership has been very active--briefing hundreds of organizations and multiple stakeholder audiences nationwide about the need to transform our trial and error system to one that offers a more comprehensive approach. While the presentations and hard-copy materials we provide to these audiences are costly, we believe that they are necessary to educate, inform and encourage team-based, patient-centered models that recognize appropriately skilled clinical pharmacists as medication experts who work in collaborative practice with physicians and other providers.

In 6 months, we are over 600 members strong and growing daily!

The human capital needed to accomplish the work of the Institute continues to expand in both scope and impact. We are staffed by a small but mighty team, working hard to coordinate the work of our 4 rapidly forming workgroups and additional subgroups (made up of volunteers from our board, executive members and signing members). Many key functions needed to accomplish our work are accomplished through board members and GTMRx member volunteers.

Additional funding allows us to expand our Distinguished Fellows program and build a more robust roster of programs and services designed to increase our impact nationwide.

Every contribution--regardless of size--will help the Institute! Whether you donate your time or contribute financially, there are many ways to support our work.

The donation process is quick, easy and secure at:

Together, we can change the status quo and get the medications right!

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