Population Health Alliance's Innovation Summit and Capitol Caucus
Improving Health Through Financial Security:
The Common Denominator Across Social Determinants and Populations

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WASHINGTON, DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- AUGUST 27, 2019: Join the Population Health Alliance's 2019 Innovation Summit and Capitol Caucus on October 29, 2019 in Washington, DC to engage in in-depth conversations about today's biggest population health opportunities and solutions. This year's focus on combating the impacts of financial strain will highlight the most innovative solutions being explored in the field and will present attendees with actionable items for their work.The Innovation Summit & Capitol Caucus 2019 will offer participants ample opportunity to engage in conversations and network with leaders in the know, and to learn how policy initiatives could affect their priorities.

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Marcella Wilson, PhD
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Transition To Success

Responding to the Social Determinants of Health:
The Role, Response, and Responsibility of Population Health Management

Financial insecurity is directly related to adverse health outcomes, an important consideration in a country where nearly 28% or 88 million people live under 200% of the federal poverty line. In this presentation Dr. Wilson introduces a new, sustainable, demonstrated system of care that responds to social determinants and treats the condition of poverty. Her model, Transition to Success, provides an intervention strategy that coordinates community services with health care to improve outcomes and curb the health impacts of financial insecurity.

Dr. Wilson has the unique experience of leading companies in both the healthcare and human services spaces. She is the Founder & CEO of Transition to Success and author of the book Diagnosis: Poverty: A new approach for understanding and treating an epidemic.

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Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz, MSW
President and CEO, Better Medicare Alliance
Matthew Bahl, JD
Vice President Financial Wellness Customer Strategies, Prudential
Ralph Gildehaus, JD
Senior Program Director, MDC Inc.
Laura Samuel, PhD CRNP
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
David Hoke
Sr. Director, Associate Health and Well-being, Walmart
Mike Criteli, JD
Retired CEO from Pitney Bowes, Entrepreneur, Health Care Consultant, Feature Film Producer, Speaker
Lauren Gemberling
Senior Manager Employee Research & Engagement, Comcast
Peter Skillern
Executive Director, Reinvestment Partners
Patricia Hasson
President and Executive Director, CLARIFI

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