Webinar on EEOC Wellness Lawsuit against Yale (Recommended for Employers with High Incentives or Penalties for Wellness)

Contact: Al Lewis
Email: hello@quizzify.com
Website: www.quizzify.com/contact

NEW YORK, NY USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- SEPTEMBER 3, 2019: Quizzify has been asked to conduct a webinar for the esteemed Validation Institute on the subject of the Yale wellness litigation. (Quizzify's CEO and Quizmeister-in-Chief, Al Lewis, was the first to raise concerns over this potential liability exposure, and Quizzify is the first and still one of the few vendors to indemnify its customers against exposure for those who are using Quizzify as an alternative to screening.)

Quizzify also developed the industry's only EEOC-compliant Health Risk Assessment two years ago.

If you have concerns about your company's exposure, you can register for Tuesday's webinar at https://validationinstitute.com/wellness-program-lawsuit-webinar/. You will also receive some free take-home materials to help you avoid liability -- if indeed you are not already a Quizzify customer and have a high incentive or penalty on your program.

Or, you could just schedule a demo for Quizzify now, and see firsthand how Quizzify's indemnification works.