The ONC and CMS Proposed Rules Are Complicated, but WEDI Is Here to Help

Contact: Samantha Holvey

WEDI's Annual Spring Conference is known as the pivotal industry event that unites health IT professionals across all sectors -- payer, provider, government and healthcare technology vendors. With the many groups working on pressing issues, WEDI is committed to bringing that work to the forefront, breaking down silos and instigating real change throughout the health care ecosystem. This includes sessions that are focused on the proposed rules.


  • The Impact of ONC's Proposed Role and How it Could Impact Patient Care, Elise Sweeney Anthony, JD, Executive Director, Office of Policy, ONC

  • NCVHS Update: Recommended Reform for Improved Interoperability, Alix Goss, NCVHS

  • HATA Industry Roadmap for EDI Implementation & Information Exchange -- Spotlight on the CMS/ONC Proposed Rules and NCVHS Recommendations, Chris Bruns, HATA/ MedInformatix, Robert Tennant, MGMA, Betty Lengyel-Gomez, Medinformatix

  • WEDI Expert Panel; Discussion on ONC and CMS Rules

  • The Documentation Requirement Lookup Service Initiative and a Review of CMS' NPRM, Robert Dieterle, CEO, EnableCare and Sagran Moodley, Senior Vice President, Clinical Date Services and Technology, UnitedHealthcare