Press Release: Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2020: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry

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SEA GIRT, NJ USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- JANUARY 6, 2020: Given the powerful patterns disrupting healthcare, what will it take to succeed as a high-velocity healthcare organization in the coming year?

Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2020: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry, HIN's 16th annual business forecast, is designed to support healthcare C-suite planning as leaders continue to strive to improve healthcare quality and access and reduce costs as the industry continues its move toward a value-based system.

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Healthcare is expected to be a top priority for many U.S. voters during the 2020 presidential election, giving healthcare executives the task of evaluating and re-shaping their 2020 strategic plans to address possible changes on the federal level while continuing to drive results in today's market.

With an eye toward the continuing development of value-based healthcare, population health management, social determinants of health, Medicare Advantage, digital health and data analytics, the industry is continuing to evolve.

Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2020: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry, HIN's highly anticipated annual strategic playbook, provides a roadmap to healthcare organization success by examining the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare industry in the year ahead.

Now in its 16th year of equipping healthcare executives with a strategic planning agenda for the year ahead, Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2020: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry covers the following:

  • 2019 organizational results;
  • The expected impact of the 2020 presidential election on the healthcare industry;
  • Keys to healthcare industry success in 2020;
  • Healthcare industry impacts from the Affordable Care Act;
  • Healthcare industry segments with the greatest impact on hospitals/health systems, health plans and physician practices;
  • The greatest healthcare industry challenges in 2019 and keys to overcoming them;
  • Successful new programs and/or services launched in 2019;
  • The healthcare industry areas that offer the most potential for development in 2020;
  • The impact of the industry's shift to rewarding healthcare value and quality over volume of services;
  • How healthcare organizations are positioned for success under value-based reimbursement models;
  • Healthcare organizational progress toward value-based reimbursement payments and their participation in various models;
  • 2020 healthcare industry challenges and recommendations for addressing these obstacles;
  • The impact of external healthcare players such as Chase, Apple, Walmart, and Google on the healthcare industry;
  • and much, much more.

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