PRESS RELEASE: How Hospitals Can Shape an Effective Systematic Pandemic Response by Utilizing ISO 9001

  • A HealthcareWebSummit Event from MCOL
  • Co-sponsored by DNV GL Healthcare
  • Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 | 1:00PM - 2:00PM Eastern

Phone: (209) 577-4888

MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- JULY 17, 2020: COVID-19 has overwhelmed hospitals, their emergency rooms, intensive care units and created a huge demand for respirators, personal protective equipment and other resources. However, hospital management and staff can be better prepared for this pandemic or any other extraordinary circumstance that comes their way. Through DNV GL Healthcare’s NIAHO hospital accreditation program, which integrates the ISO 9001 quality management system, providers can create a calm, systematic and highly effective response plan that not only mitigates risks but also ensures that patients receive the best and highest-quality care possible without overwhelming hospital operations and their frontline and management staff.

Please join us at 1:00 PM Eastern on Thursday, July 23, and learn how to use ISO 9001 to shape a strong pandemic response. Registration is complimentary for qualified applicants. Click here for detailed information or to register.


Heather Khan RN, MBA
Vice President of Patient Care Services/Chief Nurse Executive, Norwegian American Hospital

Gabrielle Sauder, DNP, MSN, PNP-BC
Associate Vice President, Clinic and Community Operations, Norwegian American Hospital

Simile Miller, CIH, CHOP, CHSP, CHCM
Standards Application & Interpretation Specialist, DNV GL Healthcare

Barry Smith (Moderator)
Director of Sales, DNV GL Healthcare