COVID-19 and Hospital Transformation Toward the Hospital of the Future

  • A HealthcareWebSummit Event from MCOL
  • Wednesday, September 2, 2020 | 1:00PM - 2:00PM Eastern

Phone: (209) 577-4888

MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- SEPTEMBER 1, 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the health care industry upside down and accelerated many of the ideas for the future that some thought would take decades to take hold. Hospitals quickly deferred or cancelled elective procedures, discharged non-COVID-19 patients, used data and technology to analyze and forecast demand, implemented virtual health solutions, and moved some of their workforce to remote work. The use of virtual health technology for screening, monitoring, and e-visits as well as consumer preference to stay away from the hospital during the pandemic offer a glimpse into how the hospital of the future might operate.

As the industry begins to recover from the pandemic, hospital executives should consider how they can maintain their momentum toward operating as a hospital of the future and position their organizations to thrive.



Wendy Gerhardt
Senior Manager, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Maulesh Shukla
Manager, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

Please join us Wednesday, September 2nd at 1 PM Eastern as the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions' Wendy Gerhardt and Maulesh Shukla discuss how hospitals can sustain transformation accelerated by the pandemic toward the future. Click here for detailed information or to register or call 209.577.4888.