NEHI Vaccine Summit: Looming Challenges of COVID-19 Immunization: Preparing the Immunization Infrastructure
Keynote Speaker: Rep. Donna Shalala (D-Florida)

The second in a NEHI series of virtual summit
meetings on COVID-19 Immunization

CONTACT: Keyton Sheely
Phone: 617-902-2108

BOSTON, MA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- SEPTEMBER 15, 2020: There are necessary infrastructure preparations that must be taken to accommodate mass distribution and administration of approved COVID-19 vaccines. With limited vaccine doses initially available, the vaccine will need to be administered according to a population prioritization framework similar to the one just proposed by the National Academy of Medicine.

To reach priority populations, states and local health departments will need to work closely with private sector and community partners to overcome several challenges in ensuring that the vaccine reaches priority populations. These challenges include identifying immunizers and immunization sites outside of a hospital or clinical setting, addressing the unique aspects of the vaccine (e.g. a need for extraordinary cold storage and a multi-dose series), and using data to track vaccine administration and respond quickly to areas with low uptake. With the CDC hinting at a vaccine approval under an EUA as early as late October, steps need to be taken now to ensure the immunization infrastructure is prepared to support mass vaccination efforts to help put an end to the pandemic.

On Tuesday, September 22nd from 1-3pm EST, please join NEHI as we continue our Vaccine Summit series with experts from a cross-section of public health and health care industries to highlight the pressing need for action to prepare for equitable administration and uptake of vaccines for COVID-19 among hard-hit and vulnerable populations, and the public at large.

NEHI is pleased to announce that Congresswoman Donna Shalala (D-Florida) is the keynote speaker of the Summit. Congresswoman Shalala is a leading immunization advocate in Congress. She served as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services under President Clinton from 1993-2001. Congresswoman Shalala will draw on her work in the House and experience as HHS Secretary, regarding increased federal support for COVID vaccine and for COVID vaccine administration and improving rates of influenza and other recommended vaccines.

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