Please Complete the 2020 HIPAA Compliance Survey

Catie Heindel
Phone: (703) 683-9600

ALEXANDRIA VA, USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- AUGUST 19, 2020: Strategic Management Services, in partnership with SAI Global, launched the 2020 HIPAA Compliance Survey. The annual survey is designed to address the structure, status and progress of HIPAA Compliance Programs in today’s health care industry and specifically address:

  • Demographics;
  • Design and management of your HIPAA Compliance Program;
  • HIPAA compliance education and training;
  • HIPAA investigations;
  • Breach management and audits; and
  • Interactions with regulatory enforcement.


The Survey is an opportunity to share with your peers in the compliance industry. Strategic Management analyzes the answers and provides insight on trends, best practices, how organizations respond to challenges, and how HIPAA Compliance Programs have changed to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a few minutes of your day to share your experience. All survey responses are anonymous. The survey closes on Friday, August 28.