Session Spotlight: Public Health Infrastructure and Surveillance:
Restructuring Data Collections, Individual Monitoring and Reporting
in a Coronavirus World

Contact: Samantha Holvey

WASHINGTON DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- JULY 23, 2020: The current Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities and deficiencies in the U.S. Public Health system. Data collection, reporting, and the capacity for rapid infection control responses through contact tracing have varied, and in some cases proved unable to keep pace with the pandemic's trends. Federal and state bodies faced difficulties as gaps in consistent processes impacted best practices for protecting individuals' privacy while keeping the public informed. Never-before surveillance practices on individual health information have emerged.

This session will explore the privacy issues we face during and after this pandemic including contact tracing, health checks and data collections, wearable devices and tech company initiatives, issues for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and vulnerable populations and many others.

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