Deep Dive Complimentary Webinar into Direct Contracting
The Five W’s of the DCE Model: What You Need to Know
Tuesday, February 16 from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm ET
Shelley Robinette
Manager of Federal Affairs
America's Physician Groups

LOS ANGELES CA, USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- FEBRUARY 1, 2021: Do you break out in a sweat at the idea of moving your organization to a Direct Contracting Model? Have you thrown up your hands and not applied because it all seems far too complicated and too risky? Stop. Before you make any decisions about whether or not to participate in a Direct Contract Entity (DCE), you should register for this must-attend webinar to understand the Who, What, Why, When, and Where of the DCE Model. Our lineup of Gold Star experts will demonstrate the value of this sophisticated payment model and teach you the key decision points to consider before deciding to go forward in a Professional, Global, or Geographic Model. If you are one of the organizations that has struggled under fee-for-service during the COVID-19 pandemic, you definitely should not miss this webinar!


Aneesh Chopra
President of CareJourney

Valinda Rutledge
Executive Vice President of Federal Affairs America’s Physician Groups

Pauline Lapin
Director, Seamless Care Models Group at CMS Innovation Center

Dr. Robert Stone
Senior Medical Director, Central Ohio Primary Care

Raj Shrestha
Chief Operating Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

Melanie Matthews
CEO, Physicians of Southwest Washington

Gary Jacobs
Executive Director, VillageMD Center for Public Policy


  • Brief overview of the 3 types of Direct Contracting Models (Professional, Global, Geographic):
    • Timeline, stages, and organizational archetypes
    • How to address health equity
  • Key data elements and metrics critical to making optimal strategic decisions:
    • Providers to consider for contracting agreements
    • Identifying actionable opportunities for quality improvements
  • How to take advantage of DCE and other CMS initiatives like interoperability to:
    • Reveal patient- and provider-level insights
    • Initiating the appropriate care intervention opportunities
  • Lessons learned from experienced APG and CareJourney members on how they approached the decision whether to participate
Valinda Rutledge
Executive Vice President of Federal Affairs
America's Physician Groups

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