Complimentary Webinar: Learn How OSF Healthcare's Chief Nursing Officer and VP of Digital Health Scaled Remote Patient Monitoring

How can Population Health leaders deliver sustainable enterprise-wide virtual care to high and rising-risk patients to improve clinical and financial outcomes? More executives are implementing Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to monitor more patients when hiring new staff is not feasible.

Learn how OSF Healthcare transformed population health with remote patient monitoring. Hear from Abby Lotz, MSN, RN, VP of Digital Care and CNO Digital Health, Courtney K. Pilat RN, BSN, MSHI, Director, Digital Outpatient & Community Care. We have compiled the key moments from a recent webinar into a short highlights video to make the best use of your time.

OSF Healthcare expanded its ability to support patients by implementing 9 condition-specific programs to connect with more than 8,000 rising-risk patients on a routine basis. As a result, OSF Healthcare improved its patient experience and satisfaction levels, and improved outcomes, and reduced health care utilization.

  • 83% of high-risk COPD patients improved their condition, with an estimated $2.15M in avoided costs per year.
  • 80% of high-risk hypertension patients decreased sBP by 14.07 mmHG
  • 2.04% average reduction in HbA1C among patients with diabetes
Meet the Speakers

Abby Lotz, MSN, RN
Vice President, Digital Care and Chief Nursing Officer, Digital Health

OSF OnCall

Courtney K. Pilat, RN, BSN, MSHI
Director, Digital Outpatient & Community Care

OSF OnCall

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