Complimentary Webinar: How BJC ACO is Scaling Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to Rising-risk Populations

To become successful as value-based care contracts, provider organizations must put in place the building blocks necessary to deliver scalable, preventative care.

Learn how BJC ACO transformed population health with remote patient monitoring from Megan Guinn, Director of Clinical Improvement at BJC Accountable Care Organization. Guinn shares how the BJC team leverages Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to sustainably deliver virtual care solutions to their growing value-based populations and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

BJC ACO expanded its ability to support patients by implementing 5 condition-specific programs, including hypertension, COPD, and diabetes to connect with more than 5,300 rising-risk patients. Guinn and the ACO also leveraged CareSignal's post-discharge program to automate patient follow-up for faster, more consistent check-ins and improved care.

As a result of real-time symptom data collected through 876,891 automated touches, CareSignal triggered 5,217 alerts. This allowed BJC ACO to proactively provide outreach and preventative care, preventing 105 ED visits.

Meet the Speakers

Megan Guinn
Director of Clinical Improvement
BJC Accountable Care Organization

Blake Marggraff
CEO, Co-Founder

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