The Information Advantage: How Esse Health Reduced High-Risk ED Visits and Drove $3.6M in Savings

ST. LOUIS, MO -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- NOVEMBER 17, 2021: Read the results published in AMGA's Group Practice Journal and authored by Esse Health's Carla Moore Beckerle, Vice President of Clinical Programs and Erin Stamm, Chief Operations Officer to learn how CareSignal's Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring enabled Esse Health to scale virtual care to its Medicare Advantage population.

Esse Health expanded its ability to support patients by implementing COPD, CHF, and diabetes programs that enables their care management team to scale outreach by 15X while maintaining high patient satisfaction.

As a result of real-time symptom data, Esse Health was able to proactively provide outreach and preventative care, reducing COPD and CHF ED visits, and an 11% improvement in total paid medical claim costs, resulting in $3.6 million in savings.

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