#ConV2X 2020 is now OPEN ACCESS for All!
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STAMFORD, CT USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE -- JUNE 25, 2021: Watch four outstanding Keynotes from the WHO, Teladoc Health, Mayo Clinic Platform and McKinsey & Company, 34 Continuous Hours and 76 World Leading SMEs whenever and wherever you want at YOUR convenience! You can pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and re-watch the broadcast. Take notes and create your own future forward strategy today.

Pandemic hallmarks for future success have elevated priorities such as world health, effective policy, trust and collaborative partnerships.

The November ConV2X Symposium 2021 is approaching where we will compassionately explore these topics along with technologies & pathways focused on creating a "Blueprint for a New Digital Health Era," for populations near and far.

Join us and register, submit your presentation proposal or become a sponsor today.

Stay tuned for more details including the stellar world leaders that will guide us through this transformation and emerging market creation.


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