Short, Entertaining, Educational, Award-Winning
Integrity, Compliance & Speak-Up
Video Shorts

"Boring doesn't work. Scare tactics are overused and can be counterproductive. L&E's approach helps us reach more employees in a way that's positive, memorable, and inspires healthy curiosity." -Angelique Lee-Rowley, Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer, Jazz Pharmaceutical

Commercials for Integrity & Compliance
Songs, Jingles & Music
Entertaining, Educational Stories
Communication, Awareness & Burst Learning

Establish a positive, helpful tone, raise awareness and stay top-of-mind, educate & engage employees, drive traffic to policies & resources, influence Speak-up culture and win hearts and minds. Over time, this positive ethics & compliance PR helps create a social environment where employees are more likely to speak up to ask questions and report concerns.

Check out the PCF Presentation:
Comedy & Compliance: Creating & Speak Up / Listen Up Culture With Entertainment

L&E has a variety of clever custom and off-the-shelf approaches to help increase your visibility, approachability and influence. Boring doesn't work! Communicate colorfully!

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