WHITEPAPER: Automation and Data Analytics in Third-Party Risk Management

NEW YORK, NY USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE -- OCTOBER 21, 2021: Ethics and compliance leaders working in the life sciences sector face an increasingly complex set of responsibilities. Risks associated with third parties — corruption, bribery, and other forms of illegal activity — offer a particular challenge.

The latest U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) guidance for the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs (June 2020) makes clear that data analytics are critical to a successful ethics and compliance program.

But where do you begin? And what should you address?

This whitepaper specifies how Automation and Data Analytics can help organizations overcome the challenges of mitigating Third-Party Risk.

In partnership with Ethisphere's BELA Data Analytics Working Group, Lextegrity joined 27 leading ethics and compliance experts to explore what a best practice approach to data analytics and automation in third-party risk management looks like. This resulting whitepaper highlights:

  • Core challenges organizations face in mitigating third-party risk
  • How automation and analytics can help
  • Ways to overcome common pain points in existing processes and workflows
You can download the whitepaper here.


Lextegrity provides software that helps organizations monitor spend, automate third-party due diligence and simplify compliance pre-approvals. It was founded and is led by legal and audit professionals from the life sciences sector, who built the risk management tools they wished they'd had when they were in-house. Lextegrity's software is used by multiple life sciences companies including Alexion, Fresenius and Lifescan.


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