Webinar: Key Drivers of ACO MSSP Results - What Predictive Analytics Can Tell Us
Thursday, November 18th, 2021 | 1:00PM - 2:00PM Eastern

MODESTO, CA USA -- PAYMENT/DELIVERY SYSTEM REFORM UPDATE NEWS SERVICE -- NOVEMBER 15, 2021: What are the key drivers of Accountable Care Organization Medicare Shared Savings Program gross savings, and how have they changed over time? Milliman researchers set about answering these questions, comparing current ACP performance analytics to a previous study conducted in 2015.

Much has changed since the authors published their 2015 study. Most notably, the CMS has made changes to many aspects of the program, including the benchmarking methodology and options for risk sharing. Considering the changes since 2015, the authors analyzed more recent MSSP results for ACOs to understand whether the conclusions from their original study still applied in today's MSSP environment.

In this session, Milliman experts present their findings that the drivers of recent success are quite different and, in some cases, the opposite of what they were in 2015. With Pathways to Success, CMS endeavored to reshape the MSSP by adjusting incentives, encouraging greater accountability in ACOs, and offering options specific to each ACO's ability to take on risk. Their analysis gives early indication that these changes are rewarding ACOs for attained efficiency levels, possibly enhancing the attractiveness of the program. Furthermore, the authors also see evidence of at least some correlation between tracks with downside risk and higher gross savings, supporting CMS's case for accountability as a policy priority, though voluntary track selection may also be playing a role. Lastly, the authors see some indication that ACOs strongly emphasizing primary care are having greater success than their peers. Click here for more information or to register for this HealthcareWebSummit event.


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