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CHICAGO, IL USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- MAY 13, 2021: Healthcare is transforming at a rapidly-accelerating rate. Shifting healthcare policy, an intensified focus on population health, health information technology, an increased incentive to increase scale and market share, and a growing call to engage patients in their care are creating challenges that require collaboration and innovation by all.

The Healthcare Transformation Summit brings together senior executives from hospitals and health systems, suppliers, payers, and venture capitalists along with other entities within the care continuum to discuss how the healthcare industry is changing, and how leaders can drive and implement transformation within their own organizations.

Attendees will gain insight into the strategies used by healthcare business leaders, innovators and influencers to reduce costs, improve outcomes and create new growth and revenue opportunities.


Beyond the Pandemic: The Urgency to Innovate Faster

Rod Hochman, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer, Providence
Chair, American Hospital Association
Setting the Agenda for a New Era of Healthcare Innovation

Micky Tripathi

National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Finding the Future-How to Anticipate Change and Lead Innovation

Garry Golden

Academically Trained Futurist


  • Beyond the Pandemic: The Urgency to Innovate Faster
  • Setting the Agenda for a New Era of Healthcare Innovation
  • Finding the Future - How to Anticipate Change and Lead Innovation
  • Empowering the Digitally Engaged Healthcare Consumer
  • Value-based Payment at a Crossroads: Charting the course to 2030
  • A Fireside Chat: Digital Health Trends: Insights and Predictions for 2021
  • Leading Through a Crisis and Applying Lessons to Innovate for the Future
  • Realizing the Potential of Telehealth Beyond COVID-19
  • Expanding the Effective Use and Use Cases of AI in Healthcare
  • Closing the Gap Between Providers and Payers
  • What do Health Systems Have to do to Prepare for the Next Pandemic?
  • Medical Collaboration from Anywhere: Technology for the Next Generation of Healthcare
  • How AI is Proving Essential to the Patient-Provider Experience
  • Building a Digital Startup: Bringing Innovation to Market
  • How Leaders are Perfecting the Patient Experience
  • Breaking Down Silos to Improve Consumer Engagement
  • Virtual Care, Retail Clinics and the Complex Path to Convenient Care
  • Embracing Innovation in Revenue Cycle to Meet New Demands
  • SPAC: The Pre-Nuptials for Responsible Innovation
  • Why You Need Healthcare Venture Capital Programs
  • Tech Tools for Transforming the Care and Well-Being of Older Adults
  • Winning the Share of Wallet of Consumers in Your Market
  • Improving Preventive Care Volumes Through Patient Engagement
  • The Hospital at Home
  • Interoperability: Strategies for Patient Data Sharing
  • Telehealth Platforms Strategies for Stakeholders
  • Human Understanding: Discovering What Matters Most to Those You Serve
  • Monetizing Medical Data
  • Ethical Use of AI


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