Announcing the New Virtual Conference
Policies/Techies/VCs: What's Next for Health Care?
September 7-10, 2021
  • Matthew Holt & Jess DaMassa are thrilled to announce a new conference about what's next in Digital Health & beyond
  • September 7-10, 2021
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- JUNE 3, 2021: This is a new conference hosted by Jessica DaMassa, the leading interviewer of digital health CEOs, and Matthew Holt, the self-described old curmudgeon who's been around digital health since well before it got the name. While there are big conferences about enterprise health IT, and others featuring the health care incumbents while they try to do innovation and look cool, there's a void in the conference scene. Who are the CEOs of the next generation of virtual & real-life care delivery and all the permutations thereof? Who are the companies raising all that venture money and really getting to scale? That's the crowd you'll see at Policies, Techies & VCs: What's Next For Health Care.

There'll also be policy people from DC, leading venture investors and a whole gaggle of influencer/analyst types, and some smaller, newer companies doing demos (you may remember Matthew hosting a conference with a lot of demos, once upon a time...).

Please visit our website What's Next For Health Care to see about registration, speaking and sponsorship opportunities and hold the dates September 7-10, 2021.


Glen Tullman
CEO, Transcarent

Jonathan Bush
Executive Chairman, Firefly Health

Connie Chen
CMO, Lyra Health

Jeffrey Dachis
CEO, One Drop

Bill Tarranto
President, Merck GHIF

Kyle Armbrester
CEO, Signify Health

Niall Brennan
CEO, Health Care Cost Institute

Christine Lemke
Co-CEO, Evidation Health

Russell Glass
CEO, Ginger

Robin Berzin
CEO, Parsley Health

Sean Lane
CEO, Olive

Michelle Longmire
CEO, Medable

Carolyn Magill
CEO, Aetion

Kristian Ranta
CEO, Meru Health

Fay Rotenberg
CEO, Firefly Health

Katherine Ryder
CEO, Maven

Roy Schoenberg
CEO, Amwell

Scott Shreeve
CEO, Crossover Health

Alyson Watson
CEO, Modern Health

Julie Yoo, MS, MBA
Partner, Andreesen Horowitz


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