Save the Dates for the Value-based Exhibit Hall Fall Complimentary Webinar Series

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SAN DIEGO, CA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- SEPTEMBER 22, 2022: Save the Dates for the Value-based Care Exhibit Hall Fall Complimentary Webinar Series.

Complimentary Webinar:
The Teacher Becomes the Student: How to Successfully Implement Value-Based Care Strategies into Academic Medical Centers
September 27, 2022 at 1pm EST

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In this webinar, Stellar Health and advisor Dr. John Fitzgerald, Founder of the Indiana University Health ACO and Former SVP for Population Health, explore the challenges of implementing value-based care in academic medical centers, identify the opportunities for success and share best practices in implementing and driving these strategies within existing academic structures.


  • Maria Roehmholdt
    Director, Market & Strategy Development
  • John Fitzgerald, MD, MBA
    Founder and Former SVP for Population Health, Indiana University Health

Complimentary Webinar:
Cultivation of Physician Wellbeing in the Value Journey
October 3, 2022

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The Quadruple Aim of physician satisfaction is such an important aspect of value-based care. In the predominant world of fee-for-service reimbursement, physicians are struggling and burned out. Consequently, over half of all doctors won't even recommend medicine as a career. This negative shift in wellbeing is important to understand because the attitudes and feelings of doctors bear directly on the way they treat patients.

A recent Harvard report calls physician burnout "a public health crisis that urgently demands action." Some physicians are even going as far as to say the profession is dealing with moral injury because the word "burnout" is insulting and insufficient in describing the pain they feel when the fee-for-service system prevents doctors from doing what's right, thereby forcing them to inflict harm on patients - where physicians themselves experience a form of injury.

In this webinar, you will hear from three physician thought leaders about the plight of physician burnout and its impact in advancing the aims of the value-based care movement. Most importantly, you will learn the tools necessary to transform organizational culture to ameliorate this important workforce challenge.


  • Amadeo Cabral, MD, MBA
    President, Turning Point Healthcare Consultants
  • Moshe Cohn, MD
    Associate and Advisor, Moral Injury of Healthcare
  • Dike Drummond, MD
    CEO, Physician Coach & Speaker,

Complimentary Webinar:
Harnessing Data in Value-based Care: How Atlantic Health Drives Success in Shared Savings Programs
October 5, 2022

Info & Registration:

As the industry continues to shift focus away from traditional fee-for-service models to value-based care, hospitals and health systems are increasingly responsible for care beyond the four walls of the hospital. With two ACOs and a robust SNF network, Dr. Mark Calderon, Medical Director Integrated Care at Atlantic Health, shares his approach to streamlining transitions of care. Joined by Thomas Martin, Director of Post-Acute Analytics at CarePort, powered by WellSky, the duo will discuss how Atlantic Health uses data and analytics to:

  • Build and maintain a high-performing post-acute network
  • Transform relationships with SNFs and other community providers to improve transitions of care
  • Improve visibility into hospital readmissions to ensure value-based program success
  • Mark Calderon, MD
    Medical Director Integrated Care at Atlantic Health
  • Thomas Martin, MS
    Director of Post-Acute Analytics at CarePort, powered by WellSky

Complimentary Webinar:
Frictionless Healthcare: Fueling Behavior Change to Close Gaps in Care & Improve Experience
October 6, 2022

Info & Registration:

What does it take to be immediate, relevant and frictionless? To get a rocket ship moving you need to increase fuel AND decrease friction. To change behavior, you need to increase fuel which is synonymous with increasing motivation AND decrease friction which can be thought of as removng barriers.

In this webinar, behavioral scientists from mPulse offer breakthrough ideas:

  • Best practices for healthcare organizations to connect with their patients and move them in ways that other approaches fail to achieve
  • Research on the role of science in behavior change engagement that gets lasting results
  • Real-world examples from mPulse and beyond which demonstrate why behavioral science works and what it takes to move the needle
  • Proven techniques that leverage the powerful phones in our pockets to close gaps and improve consumer experience

Complimentary Webinar:
A Panel Discussion: Our Post-COVID Healthcare System & What We Have Learned
October 13, 2022

Info & Registration:

The COVID 19 pandemic exposed numerous vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our society as whole and especially within our healthcare systems. In this moderated discussion, we will address the factors that contributed to the breakdown of our complex healthcare systems as well as lessons learned from this crisis. Finally, we will provide recommendations for the system and healthcare institutions to achieve meaningful change and improvements to create a stronger and better performing healthcare system.

Topics include:

  • The City of Philadelphia as an example of system failure
  • Tackling mental health epidemics in our society
  • National interoperability and data exchange strategy
  • The future of Value Based Care
  • The role of technology in managing population health
  • David Nash, MD, MBA
    Founding Dean Emeritus at Jefferson College of Population Health; Dr. Raymond C. and Doris N. Grandon Professor of Health Policy; Co-Author of the upcoming book, How COVID Crashed the System
  • Harm Scherpbier, MD, MS, FAMIA
    Chief Medical Information Officer, InfoMC; Health Analytics Faculty Jefferson College of Population Health


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