Hospital at Home Users Group 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting
Registrations Close Oct. 24
  • Thursday, October 27, 10am-5pm ET
  • Click here for more info

WASHINGTON DC, USA -- PAYMENT/DELIVERY SYSTEM REFORM UPDATE NEWS SERVICE&temp; -- OCTOBER 21, 2022: The Hospital at Home Users Group 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting, Agile & Ready, is less than two weeks away. This is a notice that registration will close Monday October 24, 5pm ET.

Robert M. "Bob" Wachter, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco
Nirav Shah, MD, MPH
Senior Scholar, Stanford University's Clinical Excellence Research Center


As of this week, we have had to close the "Invoice Me" option for registration payment on the AAHCM portal, and are requesting that all registrants going forward pay by credit card (if you registered before this week, you can still pay your outstanding invoice). The discounted registration rate for groups of 5 or more registrants is still available until the end of the registration period. If there are any registration issues, please email and, and we'd be happy to help.

If you have already registered, you should have received, or will be receiving shortly, your unique link to access the Annual Meeting.

You can register or find more information about the Annual Meeting here.

  1. Visit the link below. Click REGISTER.
  2. Enter your contact information on the form on the following page.
  3. Select one of 2 options:
    • "Hospital at Home Users Group (1-4) / per person" if you are registering alone or with 2-4 fellow participants; OR select
    • "Hospital at Home Users Group (5+) / per person" if you are registering with a group of 5 or more for the group discount.
    • If you are registering in a group, please select at the bottom of the form REGISTER GUEST and enter the contact information for each of your guests.
  4. Confirm the information entered on previous page. Click NEXT.
  5. Select your credit card information to pay..
For further instructions on how to register for the meeting, please visit our website or watch this video tutorial here.


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