EHI's Featured Online Events in September

A company’s efforts to support their customers, build healthier communities, and achieve health equity starts with action from top executive leadership. Building a culture of responsibility and creating an inclusive corporate identity requires intentional, conscientious decision-making.

During this online event, executive leaders from respected healthcare corporations will share their perspectives and experiences with implementing their own sustainable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, and the outcomes of these efforts. Tune in for this important conversation and put your company on the path toward building a healthier population and planet.

Sponsored by Accenture

What is an Analytics Center of Excellence? It is a framework for thinking about data and creating a culture built around defined goals and agreed-upon outcomes. Healthcare organizations are in need of timely insights, effective storytelling, data literacy training, trust, disciplined data infrastructure, scalable data modeling, and simple tools.

Join MedInsight’s Will Fox and Melody Craff for ideas on building this business capability and strengthening the use of analytics in your organization to gain a competitive edge.

Sponsored by Milliman MedInsight


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