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WASHINGTON DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- MAY 26, 2023: Health Affairs Insider is a membership community that includes insider-only access to content outside of the flagship journal.

Insiders get exclusive news from Health Affairs; entry to all Professional Development, Lunch & Learn, and Journal Club virtual events in the series; entry to an annual symposium conference, curated email newsletters on priority health policy topics such as health spending and social determinants of health; a special gift for joining and one every year you renew, and more.

Because you're a healthcare leader with strategic thinking responsibilities, we think you might be interested in taking advantage of a special discount we're offering for Health Affairs Insider and Unlimited memberships.

This week marks one year since we debuted Health Affairs Insider, our exclusive membership program that goes beyond the research published in our journal.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, we are offering $40 off a membership to Insider or Unlimited with the discount code InsiderAtOne at check out.

Since the launch of Insider, members have gained access to important content outside of the journal, including 38 live events with policy makers and Health Affairs authors, 48 premium newsletters on topics like social determinants and health spending, and 100+ professional development sessions, journal clubs, lunch & learns, and more.

Health Affairs Insiderdoes not include a subscription to the Health Affairs journal, but an Unlimited membership will provide you with an all-access digital pass to Health Affairs.

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Health Affairs is the leading peer-reviewed journal at the intersection of health, health care, and policy. Published monthly by Project HOPE, the journal is available in print and online. Late-breaking content is also found through, Health Affairs Today, and Health Affairs Sunday Update.

Project HOPE is a global health and humanitarian relief organization that places power in the hands of local health care workers to save lives across the globe. Project HOPE has published Health Affairs since 1981.


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