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  • Expert: FDA's MAUDE Database Can't Track Bias In AI/ML Health Tech
    FDA's Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience database is insufficient in monitoring bias in artificial intelligence and machine learning health technologies, according to experts, as federal agencies and lawmakers scramble to monitor the rapid expansion of AI/ML systems in the health care sector. FDA and the Federal Trade Commission are in the process of drafting new regulatory requirements to eliminate bias in AI/ML technologies bias before and after devices and software are on market as the technologies' use in the health sector rapidly expands.

  • Google Health Leader Cites Major Leaps In Use Of AI For Mental Health Advice
    Artificial intelligence (AI) tools Google uses across its health-related products, including to provide suggested resources to users whose searches indicate a mental health crisis, have significantly improved and are now better able to translate users' information consumption into helpful recommendations, an official with Google Health said.

  • FTC Warns Misuse Of AI, Machine Learning Info Could Violate FTC Act
    FTC warned Thursday (May 18) that increasing use of consumers' biometric information and related technologies, like those powered by artificial intelligence/machine learning, significantly elevates consumer privacy and data security concerns and the potential for bias and discrimination, and could be illegal. False or unsubstantiated claims about the accuracy or efficacy of biometric information technologies or about the collection and use of biometric information could violate the FTC Act, the agency says.

  • FDA Seeks Input On How To Evaluate AI In Drug Development
    FDA is seeking feedback from stakeholders on how to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in drug development, with an aim to promote collaborative discussion as the number of submissions that involve the technologies increases.

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