MSSP, ACOs and You
Impact of New Regulations on the REACH
Program — and Your Organization

A New Interactive Webinar
Wednesday, March 15 — 1:00-2:15 Eastern time

Philo D. Hall, JD
Partner, Epstein, Becker & Green
Drawing upon nearly 12 years of experience in a series of federal government health policy positions, attorney Philo Hall brings insight into the legal, policy, budgetary, and political factors influencing federal agency decision-making.
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Kevin J. Malone, JD
Partner, Epstein, Becker & Green
Managed care organizations trust attorney Kevin Malone to help them understand and navigate their most difficult legal, compliance, and strategic risks and opportunities.
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MODESTO, CA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE -- FEBRUARY 24, 2023: The Medicare Shared Services Program (MSSP) offers significant benefits for patients, providers, AND payers. But there are substantial hurdles to implementation.

The Biden administration has announced its ambitious goal of "having all people with Traditional Medicare in an accountable care relationship with a health care provider by 2030." Achieving this goal will require short- and long-term changes for a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals. To help you understand what's happening — and what's GOING to happen — HealthExecWire has teamed up with two top Washington attorneys on a new interactive webinar: MSSP, ACOs and You.

Join us March 15 for this informative session. In 75 minutes, Philo Hall and Kevin Malone of Epstein Becker & Green will answer the key questions that are crossing your mind — and your desk:

  • What are the latest changes to the MSSP?
  • How does CMS get us from the current system to an all-ACO model?
  • What does this mean for providers in current Medicare value-based payment models?
  • In what ways will the present ACO REACH program change?
  • Will the patient experience be impacted?
  • Integration of specialty care into ACOs — how will this be accomplished?

In addition, you'll be able to ask Philo and Kevin specific questions on the above topics. You'll also hear their answers to your colleagues' issues — challenges you may be facing as well, And because this is a webinar, THERE IS NO LIMIT to the number of participants you can host at one location.

Finally, answers to your MSSP questions are within your reach.

Contact Adam P. Goldstein, Publisher, HealthExecWire directly at for big discounts on multiple-site registrations.

Your satisfaction in unconditionally guaranteed. We're accountable, and we care. If MSSP, ACOs and You fails to meet your needs, we will immediately refund 100% of your tuition, No hassles, no questions asked. It's that simple.


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