Value-Based Care Improvement: Evolution and Optimization of the CIN
A New Interactive Webinar
Friday, March 24 — 3:00-4:00pm Eastern time

MODESTO, CA USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE -- FEBRUARY 24, 2023: How can you add value to value-based care? A clinically integrated network (CIN) may be a highly effective option for many providers — and an extremely attractive one for employers and payers.

But CINs carry their own set of unique challenges and opportunities. To discover how to get the most out of a CIN, please join us on Friday, March 24 for Value-Based Care Improvement: Evolution and Optimization of the CIN.

In this interactive webinar, Dr. Andrew Ziskind and Chris Smedley of BDC Advisors explore the promise (and potential pitfalls) of value-based care — helping you grasp the role that CINs can play in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Join us for this fascinating presentation! In 60 fast-paced minutes, Dr. Ziskind and Mr. Smedley will explain and explore:

  • How the HHS's amendment to the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statues removed government burdens...enhanced care coordination and increased network efficiency
  • The evolution of the CIN model, including its early focus on care coordination and its expansion to include a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Ways a CIN can ensure market agility with payers AND present a value proposition that encourages physician participation
  • Challenges facing CINs, including how to measure and demonstrate to optimize operations and processes...and the 3-5 high impact areas that generate true value
  • Real-world case studies that illustrate best practices for CIN optimization, including the use of technology, data analytics, and process improvement methodologies
  • And much, much more!

You'll also be able to ask our expert speakers your specific questions. In addition, you'll also be able to hear their solutions to your colleagues' problems — challenges you may be facing too! And because this is a webinar, there is no limit to the number of colleagues you can invite to join you at your location.

Whether you are a provider, payer, employer, or community organization, Value-Based Care Improvement is designed to provide you with insights and strategies for improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

Click here to register. We look forward to welcoming you on March 24!

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P.P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Value-Based Care Improvement fails to meet your needs, let us know. We will IMMEDIATELY refund 100% of your tuition — no questions asked. You have my word on it.


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