Complimentary Responsible AI Webinar - Accelerating Healthcare Transformation While Earning Clinician Trust and Engagement

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 12:00 noon Eastern


Joshua Frederick
President & CEO, NOMS Healthcare

Jacob Reider, MD
Former Deputy National Coordinator of Health IT, US Department of Health and Human Services

Yair Lewis, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer, Navina AI

WASHINGTON, DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- SEPTEMBER 18, 2023: Healthcare organizations are turning to AI to address long-standing challenges — physician burnout, administrative burdens, data overload, regulatory requirements, and documentation. Yet, many questions remain. How do we successfully transition to this new era without compromising patient privacy and information security, or the sacred patient-provider relationship? How do we ensure physicians are not just compliant but actively engaged in this transformation? And most importantly, how do we build AI responsibly into our existing health care system in a way that earns the trust and respect of healthcare professionals? Join us on September 20 at 12pm ET as our panel of innovation leaders discuss:

  • Why AI is becoming a necessity in the healthcare sector today, and provide practical strategies for managing a successful digital transformation.
  • How AI technology can revolutionize population health, patient experience, and clinician well-being, as well as drive productivity and workflow efficiency.
  • A case study of how one healthcare organization effectively implemented AI to streamline workflows and alleviate the documentation burden, and achieved an 85% adoption rate among clinicians. This will provide a roadmap for other organizations contemplating AI implementation.
  • Building responsible AI: How do we ensure that the development of AI technology promotes transparency, supports evidence-based decision-making, and truly benefits patients? How can providers stay up to date with regulation as a vector for improvement and innovation? We will explore how the concept of responsible AI lies at the core of Navina's AI platform.
Whether you're at the cusp of AI integration or already far along on your digital transformation journey, join us to learn how AI can be responsibly and effectively implemented in healthcare.


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