PCC May Webinar!
The Commercial Market: Alternative Payment Models for Primary Care

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST- Webinar
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WASHINGTON, DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- MAY 22, 2023: Register today for PCC's upcoming webinar The Commercial Market: Alternative Payment Models for Primary Care.

Leading edge employers and health plans are investing in innovative, whole-person primary care models for employees and their families. The pandemic forced changes as work and care went virtual, demand for behavioral health services increased, and routine preventive care and chronic care were sidelined. Join PCC's May webinar to hear innovative practices, employers, and health plans discuss what it takes to build and sustain advanced primary care.

Exciting news: we've added another speaker!:

  • Rebecca Waber
    Executive Director, Innovation Strategy, Commercial Product, Aetna
    Rebecca Waber heads the Disruptive Innovation product team for Aetna’s self and fully-insured commercial business where she focuses on addressing foundational affordability, access, and quality challenges.
Check out our Background Resources before the event:
  • Who is Morgan Health?
  • Overcoming obstacles to accountable care, by Dan Mendelson.
  • Crossover Health, Aetna pilot primary care service for Seattle employers with a fixed-fee payment model.
  • The California Advanced Primary Care Initiative is spearheaded by PBGH's California Quality Collaborative. A coalition of commercial payers is working together to enable primary care practices to transform to a high-performing, value-based model that reduces costs and improves quality and equity.
  • Engaging Primary Care in Value-Based Payment: New Findings from the 2022 Commonwealth Fund Survey of Primary Care Physicians


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