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Webinar Panel Discussion: Accelerating Insights in Value-Based Care

-- Tuesday July 18, 2023 -- 1pm EST - INFO & REGISTRATION

How would your clinical and financial operations improve if your team had access to claims data within days of a patient visit, instead of weeks or months? EHR data and ADT feeds are useful in certain scenarios—but pairing longitudinal claims history with claims lagged just a few days, puts value-based care (VBC) organizations in a better position to coordinate patient care and identify early financial trends.

On May 16, CMS released an enhancement to the Beneficiary Claims Data API (BCDA), enabling access to partially adjudicated claims data within two to four days of submission. Join our webinar Tuesday, July 18 at 1 pm ET to learn how your peers at Pearl Health and Upstream plan to adopt this data to advance key priorities, including:
  • Patient Prioritization and Care Coordination - Identify patients that are "high need", have specific care gaps, or have recent new diagnoses. Provide physicians with data that allows them to make the most of their patient interactions.
  • Financial Forecasting - Produce accurate financial trends earlier, allowing organizations more time to address any issues or make strategic changes. Understand the volume of high-cost events at the midpoint of a month to better estimate total expenditures before the month is even over.
  • Adverse Event Notification - Ensure that you know the details of every emergency department visit or inpatient admission regardless of the site. Use such notifications to plan for timely follow-up and prevent downstream issues.
  • Jennifer Rabiner, Chief Product Officer at Pearl Health
  • John Supra, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, UpStream
  • Zach Bredl, Director of Product Management, CareJourney
  • Moderator: Katherine Schneider, MD, MPhil., FAAFP

Leveraging digital health to improve quality metrics that matter

-- Thursday July 20, 2023 -- 1pm EST - INFO & REGISTRATION

Healthcare organizations that participate in value-based care arrangements are at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery by improving quality, patient experiences, and cost management. To excel in this pivotal role, organizations must navigate the intricate landscape of quality measure achievement. In this enlightening webinar, we will explore how digital health can revolutionize healthcare organizations’ pursuit of high-quality care delivery and improved patient outcomes. Join us as we delve into the innovative ways digital health solutions can support healthcare organizations in overcoming challenges and achieving their quality measures efficiently.

Throughout the webinar, you will gain valuable insights into how leveraging digital tools can:
  • Help you collect meaningful patient data more efficiently
  • Enhance clinical efficiency
  • Decrease the cost of care by implementing proactive interventions that reduce unnecessary acute ED visits and hospitalizations
  • Tracy Chu, Corporate Vice President, Population Health Chief Executive, Scripps Health
  • Susa Monacelli, General Manager, Propeller Health

The Explosion of Value Based Care: How Technology Can Help Us Scale

-- Tuesday August 8, 2023 -- 1pm EST - INFO & REGISTRATION

Value-based care (VBC) organizations specialize in improving the quality of care while controlling costs. This risk-based model places an emphasis on delivering better patient health outcomes. Investment in VBC increased nearly 4X from 2019 to 2021. Last year CMS announced their goal to shift 100% of MA members to accountable care by 2030. With significant growth and expansion forecasted, VBC organizations are uniquely positioned to impact more beneficiary lives, but demand must synchronize with supply.

Physicians adopting VBC models are needed to accommodate this growth. With more research pointing to better health outcomes within VBC than the traditional fee-for-service models, adoption will inevitably occur at an expedient rate. Leaning on advances in technology to improve patient education and awareness while scaling staff services is critical in accommodating expansion and mitigating provider burnout. Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) enable providers to connect with patients to understand and monitor their conditions, assess additional preventive care needs, and manage risk through HCC code recapturing. Adequate preventive care and disease management reduce risk and scale provider time and resources by ensuring patients are being properly monitored. Implementing innovative technologies such as omnichannel conversations, and AI to communicate and educate patients on what, when, and where to seek care can conserve provider resources, and improve quality.

  • Leonard Lindenmuth DHA, VP of Strategy & Population Health, Basset Health
  • Aram Khodiguian, Director of Value-Based Care Initiatives

How Privia NT and VillageMD Leveraged Referral Automation and Data to Reduce Leakage, Specialty, & Admin Costs

-- Wednesday August 9, 2023 -- 1pm EST - INFO & REGISTRATION

Do you know the business impact patient referrals have on your bottom line or value-based outcomes? More importantly, what are you doing to ensure referrals are supporting your VBC and FFS initiatives? What if your organization was able to effectively leverage referral automation and data within your EHR to reduce Leakage by 75%, Specialty Costs by 10%, and Admin Costs by 45%? We believe this is entirely possible, and in this webinar, we'll explain how.

ReferralPoint is a referral management solution for health systems, medical groups, and payers to transform patient referral processes and drive measurable outcomes to support both FFS and VBC populations. Built on a top-performing population health platform, we provide instant value by ingesting your claims and third-party data and analyzing the last 3 years’ trends to uncover the financial and quality savings available before processing a single referral. After measuring existing referral patterns and behaviors, ReferralPoint applies cost and quality data to inform referral decisions so that patients are sent to the highest quality, lowest cost, in-network providers then automates steps like insurance verification, prior authorization, scheduling, and closing the loop. Seamless integration allows partners to increase revenue and savings, reduce leakage and costs, improve efficiency, and enhance patient satisfaction, all from within their EHR workflow.

  • Robert Harris - Chief Executive Officer
  • Matt Cheatham - VP, Client Success
  • Alana Rodriguez - Manager, Client Success

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