Session Spotlight:
275 (and 277 RFAI) Early Adopters

WASHINGTON DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- JUNE 30, 2023: In this session, we will highlight the significance of Health Care Attachments for Claims and Prior Authorizations. The focus will be on early adopters' experiences with the X12 275 transactions and the integrated HL7 C-CDA. Industry leaders will share insights from implementing the X12 277 Health Care Claim Request for Additional Information.

We'll explore the following key topics:

  1. Simplifying Health Care Attachments: Discover how the X12 275 transactions have been instrumental in streamlining the process of managing attachments for claims and prior authorizations. Early adopters will share their firsthand experiences, shedding light on the benefits and challenges encountered.
  2. Enhancing Data Exchange: Explore the embedded HL7 C-CDA within the X12 275 transactions. Learn how this integration promotes efficient and standardized communication of health care attachments, improving interoperability among different systems.
  3. Optimizing Information Requests: Gain insights into the X12 277 Health Care Claim Request for Additional Information. Discover how this request framework aids in gathering additional data when necessary, facilitating seamless communication between payers and providers.

By participating in this session, you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the X12 275 and 277 transactions, while gaining valuable insights from early adopters. Join us to learn how these advancements are revolutionizing health care attachment management and prior authorizations.


Mary Lynn Bushman
Agile Product Manager, National Government Services

Sherry Wilson
Executive Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Jopari

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